Tree Lines

Tree Lines, has been published by Green Fuse Poetic Arts and can be purchased on Amazon.

Divorce does nothing for self-esteem. Especially when confidence was not very strong in the first place. For Mim Neal and her two sons, it was the beginning of a long, often difficult, journey toward wholeness.

Tree Lines covers the post-divorce years, 1976-2004, during which Mim gains depth and wisdom by learning from the planet’s cultures and spiritual traditions … sort of The Perils of Pauline as it might have been written by Annie Dillard.

Many experiences, both splendid and sad, enabled her transformation.  The recorded lessons are familiar to—and longed for—by most American women: self-esteem, value, and meaning. These are lessons that can be learned in many places and in many ways. Mim was lucky. She had a multitude of teachers. Trees of course, plus family/ friends, spiritual guides, and the nameless faithful who left their prayers in medicine wheels, cathedrals, mosques, and temples.

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She sums it up in the opening lines of her memoir:

Beige I began.
Now I am rainbow,
Intensified by the permeating Holy.

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