Tree Lines - Chapters Nine through Twelve

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statue hiroshima

Chapter 9

Japan (Kyodo, Kyoko, Kyoto)

Later, walking down a Hiroshima street, I realized that I was older than every tree, every building, and every street in the city – all its history mere replica.


Chapter 10

Korean Gifts

It taught me that places long sacred to people reverberate with a holiness that can be absorbed by others, even those who do not share a particular tradition.


Chapter 11

Hummingbird Syndrome

It was so easy to get caught up in the drama of the job, especially when I believed that what I was doing was helping to save thousands of children from paralysis.

Chapter 12


When they came, his approvals were 'Miss America' moments, crowning a day -- when I wrote an 'A' paper or won some kind of prize at school.