Tree Lines - Chapters Twenty-nine through Thirty-two

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victoria falls

Chapter 29

Hello, Goodbye

Over and over again we experience the same agonizing tension between unknowable pain and unknowable joy.  In the labyrinth of history we walk in spirals and circles, in perpetual rounds of chaos and bliss, in excruciating balance.


Chapter 30


We are surrounded by and composed of patterns: the whorls of skin ridges on thumbs, stripes in parking lots, harvest lines in fields, the spirals of our DNA and the galaxies that dot the universe that is probably itself a spiral.

woods camprona michigan

Chapter 31

War Diaries

… these flashes of iridescence can shift our cultural foundation, propel us toward the surface of this translucent bubble of existence and explode the patterns of violence. Perhaps then we will be bathed, washed clean, revived and able at last to begin to atone for our own complicity.

Chapter 32


It is possible that the fullness of our existence can be measured by the extent of our perception, by the extent of what we allow ourselves to see. I prefer to focus on the Light.

mountains and pine trees